Weapon Dynamics Computer

This is a tool to facilitate the computation and display the dynamic properties of swords and hand-held weapons from a standardised set of measurements. Be sure to read the introductory article for additional context and advice.

Please enter all lengths as cm, and weights as g. The Walkthrough should answer other questions!

Mass Hilt Extremity
Grip Reference Blade Extremity
Center of Gravity Lever Reference
Hilt Node Blade Node
Measurement method:
Add as many lines as you need:
Conf. Action P. Pivot P. Theo.
Read here for advice on pendulum setup and use
Number of periods timed:
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Axis Time Error
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Data to load:

Computed data
Blade length N/A
Hilt length N/A
Total length N/A
Radius of Gyration N/AN/A)
Node pivot points N/A, N/A
Mass at blade node N/A (N/A%)
Hilt Inertia N/A
Tip Rotational Inertia N/A

Diagram options
Scale to constant length

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